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Product Summary

Data Set Short Name: UARWI3AT
Data Set Long Name: UARS Wind Imaging Interferometer (WINDII) Level 3AT
Data Set Version: 001
Platform: Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite
Sensor(s): Wind Imaging Interferometer
Temporal Coverage: 1991-11-04 - 1997-08-19
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User's Guide: README.UARWI3A.doc

 Product Description

The Wind Imaging Interferometer (WINDII) on NASA's Upper Atmosphere
Research Satellite (UARS) measures wind, temperature, and emission
rates in the mesosphere and thermosphere (80 to 300 km), by observing
the Doppler shift of visible airglow emissions.

The WINDII instrument is an all-glass field-widened achromatically and
thermally compensated phase-stepping Michelson interferometer, along
with a bare CCD detector that images the airglow limb through the
interferometer. The instrument views the atmosphere simultaneouly in
two perpendicular directions, 45 degrees and 135 degrees from the UARS
velocity vector, to obtain the horizontal wind vector. Measurements
are made day and night.

WINDII Level 3A data products consist of profiles that have been
interpolated both vertically and horizontally from the original
profiles to standard surfaces and locations defined by the UARS
project for all limb-viewing instruments. The Level 3A format is
common to all UARS instruments to allow for intercomparison.

The WINDII Level 3A data products consist of two types: Level 3AT and
3AL, both at standard pressure and altitude surfaces. Level 3AT files
are time-ordered profiles and spaced at intervals of 65.536 seconds,
or about 495 km along the orbital track. Level 3AL files are profiles
at the intersection of the orbital track spaced at intervals of 4
degrees latitude.

There are 3 subtypes or parameters for each Level 3AT and 3AL data
product, for a total of 6 products per day. HRDI measurements are
made on altitude (A), and pressure (P) surfaces for each Level 3AT and
3AL type. The following parameters are measured:

1. MERWIN_A - meridional winds (m/s) on altitude surfaces
2. ZONWIN_A - zonal winds (m/s) on altitude surfaces
3. TEMP - atmospheric temperature (degrees K)

The horizontal resolution is 495 km along the orbital track for Level
3AT files, and 4 degrees latitude for Level 3AL files. The vertical
resolution for the UARS altitude surfaces are defined as:

z(i) = 5*i km, for 1 <= i <= 12
z(i) = 60 + (i-12)*3 km, for 13 <= i <= 32
z(i) = 120 + (i-32)*5 km, for 33 <= i <= 88

where "i" is the index of the data array.
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